Trump 2016 America Can’t Wait!

January 23, 2010

GOPe/RNC and the idiots in the mainstream media (who think that it’s worth sacrificing what little credibility they have left to push Hillary) are too stupid to realize is that the people are in a rage. They talk about “voter anger” like it’s an abstract concept they can manage but they are totally tone deaf to the level of “voter anger”. The proper term is voter RAGE and that with Trump the voters are taking over the government by ballot box–this time. We have been robbed, cheated and lied to by our elected officials are we are getting rid of them by voting them out. 30 of the 60 Senators that voted for Obamacare are GONE. OBAMA will be gone soon as well and so will most of his destructive policies. Guantanamo will be re-opened if Odumba manages to close it and all of his idiotic EOs will be rescinded. I expect Trump to do an audit like every good businessman would and get rid of the fraud abuse and waste of our tax dollars. If the “Campaign Conservatives” had kept their promises since 2010 and stopped Obama, Trump wouldn’t be in the race. They seem to have forgotten that with the internet, we can keep close tabs on them. This isn’t 1990 when they could lie with impunity because it was hard to find out what they were really doing–and if you found out, you had to have a ton of money to get the word out. No so anymore. Americans have awakened and are mad as hornets over their liberties being stolen and the tax dollars wasted. Americans no longer will tolerate the kind of corruption and crony capitalism going on in DC and we are getting ready to CLEAN HOUSE (and Senate)!! No more lies and no more BS from our elected officials. We brought down a RINO Speaker of the House and made him leave Congress with his ill-gotten gains. We are furious and we are definitely voting for change. Politicians and their corrupt allies have put our beloved America in a terrible position and the gay Muslim in the White House is way more interested in enriching himself than doing his job. We need a businessman to come in and clean house in DC and get rid of the rat’s nest of waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayers. As for all the talk that Trump just became a Republican, I used to be a Democrat as well until they went nutzo-commie.
Coming to Jesus late in life doesn’t make one less of a Christian. There are no real differences between the Democrat and Republican party anyway, they are all equally out to screw us over. However, I believe that Trump LOVES America as we do, and had he chosen to run as a Democrat and said the same thing he says now, I would still have to vote for him. I believe that Trump is one of very few people who can fix this mess because he does not have to put on knee pads to avoid being marginalized by the RINOs and DemocRATS who only want to elect people who are as corrupt as they are or who will tow the party line. If not Trump, then name someone not of the professional political class who doesn’t owe the lobbyists and their masters. If not Trump, then who? If not now, when? America can’t wait because she is hanging on by a thread and if we don’t get rid of the rat’s nest by electing Trump, then I believe there will be armed civil war. Obama has ginned up the dependency class and set race relations back 100 years and BLM is pouring gas on the fire he started. The illegals HAVE TO GO. Period. We have to get the spending under control. Period. We have to get rid of the commie and socialists and Muslims in government bureaucracy that were placed there by Jarrett and Obama and we can’t wait any longer. I don’t care what he USED to be–and many of us were not really involved until we realized that our way of life was coming to an end if we didn’t step up. Politicians/lawyers have done a piss-poor job at managing America, we are trillions in debt with crumbling infrastructure and they just keep right on selling us out wasting our money and ignoring our wishes.  We don’t need another lawyer in the White House–we need a tough as nails businessman who loves America and puts our natiion’s interests FIRST rather than last in order to buy friends and pay off donors with tailored legislation. Trump gets it and is standing up and not bothering to be politically correct–and his words have the unmistakable ring of TRUTH. He’s a leader and we need one desperately and that’s why he has my vote and support.